Delegate Information

Chapter members who have accumulated the most points from December 16-December 15 of the following year shall be eligible for monetary assistance from AORN of San Diego County to attend the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo.  Complete details about delegate information can be found in our Policy Manual.  

How to Accumulate Points

10 Points

AORN National Officer/Board Member/Nominating Committee

Article published in a professional perioperative nursing journal

Competency and Credentialing Institute, Board of Director

7 Points

AORN Congress Presenter

AORN National Ballot (this point period)

CCI Committee Member

5 Points

AORN Congress Moderator

AORN National Committee Member

AORN Workshop Presenter

Chapter Education Presenter

Chapter Officer/Board Member/Nominating Committee


Full week of AORN Congress attendance (provide copy of CE certificate)

Specialty Assembly Governing Council

4 Points

AORN Congress Panel Member

Chapter Committee Chair

3 Points

AORN Congress other (teller, session assistant, etc.)

AORN Workshop Panel Member

AORN Workshop Attendance (provide copy of CE certificate)

Chapter Ballot (this point period)

Chapter Committee/task force projects (per)

Chapter Education Panel Member

Chapter Speaker Bureau Presentation

Specialty Assembly Committee

2 Points

Chapter General Business Meeting attended

1 Point

Chapter Board Meetings attended

Less than a full week of AORN Congress attendance, one point for each day (provide copy of CE certificate)

Volunteer participation, one point for each event